Since its inception in 2003, Grass Valley Schools Foundation for Arts and Science has raised and donated thousands of dollars for science and art enrichment for the four schools in the Grass Valley School District-Scotten Elementary, Bell Hill Academy, Grass Valley Charter School, and Lyman Gilmore Middle School.  What follows is a partial and on-going list of funded projects, supplies, and activities.


Clay Penguin Project-Scotten 1st grade-$400

Dinosaur Clay Project-Scotten 2nd grade-$400

Open House Dance Program-Bell Hill-$1500

Books-Family Literacy Night-$500


Venetian Mask Project-Bell Hill 4th grade-$150

Seaquest Field Trip-Scotten 1st and 2nd grade-$400

Dances Around the World-Bell Hill-$250

Rendezvous With a Comet-Gilmore 5th grade-$400

Musical Theater-Gilmore-$300

Soil Science-Gilmore-$239.89

Maidu Field Day-Scotten teacher, Whitney Trevethick-$300

Clay Penguin Project-Scotten 1st grade-$450

Science Camp Buses-Gilmore 6th grade-$2500



Literacy Night prizes-District Family Engagement Night-$500

Musical theater “home” camp, student scholarships-Gilmore-$600

Memory books created with technology-Kindergarten class Bell Hill-$115

Clay project-2nd grade Scotten-$400

“Arf” play-2nd grade Scotten-$175

Costumes for Dances Around The World-Bell Hill-$500

Case for Sphero robots-Scotten Robotics-$650

Field trips-Gilmore 5th grade-$992.50

Musical theater production-Gilmore-$1500


Science Camp-Gilmore-$2000

Musical theatre experience-$1000-Gilmore

Art supplies for the Scotten counselor-$100-Scotten

.Zoo visit-1st grade Scotten-$400 toward bus expense

Clay dinosaurs-2nd grade Scotten-$400

Class set of Patty Reed’s Doll-4th grade-$300

Musical play, “How Does Your Garden Grow?”-2nd grade Scotten-$80.18

Sound equipment-Musical Theater Gilmore-$918

Clay animals-1st grade Scotten-$400

Mother Goose Character Camp play script and CD-1st grade Scotten-$40

1,2,3 Ski-3rd grade Scotten-4 classes @ $250 each class


Science camp-6th grade Gilmore-$3000

Science tubs-5th grade Gilmore-$536.43

Robots for STEAM project-Scotten-$350

Theater festival for drama students-Gilmore-$360

Transportation to Sacramento for live theater, Robin Hood-7th grade Gilmore-$600

Old Town Sacramento, Train and California History Museums with gold panning, River Cruise-4th grade-$300 per class

African mask making-3rd grade Bell Hill Academy-$250

Ski trip-3rd and 4th grade-$400

Mission to the Moon-5th grade Gilmore-$500

Musical score-2nd grade Scotten-$90.96

Weather station-Scotten School-$125

Clay projects-1st and 2nd grade-$900

Tadpoles-1st grade-$150

Glue guns for STEAM classes-6th grade-$500


African dance lessons-third grade-$600

Science camp-6th grade-$2000

Field trip to Discovery Museum and McClellan-5th grade-$300

Stage-Scotten School-$1500

Field trip to Discovery Museum-4th grade-$600

Musical play-2nd grade-$300

Magician-Scotten School-$150


Chinese New Year-2nd grade-$50

Zumba-Bell Hill Academy-$700

Global Studies art supplies-Bell Hill Academy-$450

Tiny Tim play-4th grade-612

Carnival of Animals-kindergarten-$300

Clay-1st and 2nd grades-$1200

T-shirt project-3rd grade-$78

Improvisation-4th grade-$280

Science Center-Grass Valley Charter School-$500