President – Trish Moratto                  

Vice President –            

Secretary –  Luke Browning                  

Treasurer –   Matthew Seavers                


In 2003, five Bell Hill Elementary School parents came together to raise money for the school they loved and believed in. These parents were heartbroken that budget cuts would stop their children from going on field trips, having special educational guest presentations and even eliminate hands-on science programs. With the support of the principal and teachers the parents decided to organize a coin drive. Whether it was a penny, a quarter or a dollar, a coin drive was a way all children in the school could give back. After the wonderful feeling of supporting the teachers and children those five parents didn’t want to stop with the coin drive. The Grass Valley Schools Foundation for Arts and Science was formed.

In the past few years, the Foundation has raised and donated thousands of dollars to our schools, nearly all for science and art programs that our teachers use to make learning interesting, fun, and memorable.

Words from one of our founders:
When we moved to Grass Valley in 2000, we only looked at houses in Grass Valley School District because we knew that Grass Valley had the best programs, the best teachers, and the best administration in the area. The district wide respect for electives and art programs really stood out, and made the school choice an easy one.

Dr. Rob Avery and Inger Avery